Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mission Letter 11/10/2014

Hello, everybody!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Out here, they just kinda fly by. Sometimes they feel a little slow, but then you suddenly hit another Preparation Day and you think, where'd that week go?

This past week has been very interesting. In about the middle of the week, on Thursday, everything went wrong. It started at 12 noon. My trainer was coming down a curving hill, too fast (I was in front of him), and he tried to turn and brake, but he started skidding, and he went straight instead of right, up a curb, into a wall, with his bike, fell over, got his foot caught in something, and ended up with the bike on top of him. I'm not sure how it happened entirely, and I'm not sure how he managed to come away with nothing more than a small scrape on his write wrist. But he popped his front tire and broke his gear shifter, so now we're back to walking until the part (which he had to order) arrives.

Then we had our Weekly Planning session. We had two investigators. One, we called to find out her address. We discovered she actually lives about two hours outside of our area, and has been traveling that far every time we've tried to meet with her or invite her to church. So, we passed her on as a referral to the missionaries in her area. Our other investigator is gone for two weeks to a month for work, so we've lost all of our investigators for now. But we've got more coming up this week, that we have appointments with, so that should be good.

Stinky tofu. Had that for the first time this week. It was basically regular tofu, but softer, with a slightly moldy smell, but it was in some soup dish, and it really wasn't as awful smelling as I've been told, nor did it actually taste very good. It was just pretty "hai hao," a very versatile word in the Chinese language, because you can apply it in almost every situation; it basically means, "kinda, not really, ok-ish, nothing special."

But then we had Taiwan's famous shaved ice afterwards. It is literally impossible to describe, but may have been one of the best things I've ever eaten. It was simply delicious, with strawberry stuff, a brown sugar syrup poured all over it, and different things in the bottom (from sweet potato to like, gummy candy and pineapple). It was just good. Anyway.

I've been doing a lot of reading from the Book of Mormon recently (trying to a teeny tiny bit in Chinese too). But I'm around the beginning of Helaman. It's incredible to see how quickly the people of Nephi digressed. One day, everything was going just fine. The church was established, they had most of their possessions back, then the next page there are murders, dissensions, armies falling upon them, death destruction, etc.

I guess the main message is just that we have to watch the little things. Those are the most important. As we let ourseles slip in little ways, bigger things come. And then we're down the slippery slope. So, I'm literally out of time, hope you have good week! Watch the little things!

By the way, Matt Schumacher looks smart in his marine outfit.

Elder Sequoia Ploeg

Taiwan Taipei Mission