Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mission Letter 5/25/2015

Hello, everybody!

So, it's been a lovely, gorgeous, wet, wet, rainy, drizzly, down-pouring, occasionally thundering, week. It's literally been raining for like a week, straight, and it's not quite done yet; however, it's a good thing because we don't have water restrictions anymore. Which is a very nice thing. The not so nice part is that, when it rains, the Taiwanese people evaporate like the wicked witch of the west; they all run into their homes and don't come out again unless absolutely necessary. Which means some people don't come to church, people won't meet with us because it's raining, and talking to people on the street is a little slower, because there aren't many people on the street. But, there's still enough; we're still meeting lots of people. Overall, life is still good.

CAPTION: Last Preaparation Day, most of my District went together to Yingge and made clay bowls/cups/plates. So, of course that warranted a District Selfie pic.

So, I did not transfer last week, so I've got another five weeks in beautiful Zhongli. My companion did not transfer either, so we've got another five weeks together. And though we have a companionship in my District training, my friend did not come to my District here; however, we are in the same zone, so I'll get to see him in about two weeks. I'm really excited for that!

I conducted my second baptismal interview yesterday. The Sister passed. In fact, it was the same set of sister missionaries that I've done both the interview for; that is, of the two baptismal interview I've done, it was the same Sister missionaries that taught the investigator. Basically, they're on fire and doing incredible in their area. So excited for her baptism next week.

Yesterday, after church, the whole ward stuck around, because there was a kid opening his mission call. So we all gathered in the equivalent of the Cultural Hall, and there he opened his call.... to the Taiwan Taizhong Mission! He goes to the mission headquarters in October, and incredibly, he will not be attending an MTC. Not sure why that is, but the way things are are the way things are, right? It's also exciting, because his brother is also currently serving in the Taiwan Taizhong Mission. They could see each other!

Speaking of which, in my mission right now, the Taipei Mission, we have a brother and sister both serving here at the same time. They occasionally get to see each other... isn't that fun?

So, not a ton of stuff out of the ordinary happened this week. But there was a cool little quote that I thought about considerably this past week; "Wherever thou art, do well thy part." It doesn't matter what position we have, what area we're in, whether we're senior companion or junior companion, if we're in a more difficult area or an easier one, as long as we do our part, then God helps us with the rest. Whether it be our calling at home, or as a missionary, as long as we do our part, we shall "prosper." 

We're going to miss President Day. I believe he's on his last transfer of his mission now, and in five weeks we'll lose him and I think about 25 Elders, which includes most of the Zone Leaders and many district leaders in the mission. Basically, we're going to have a really young mission. My District is already really young; of the 8 missionaries, there isn't a single one over 10 months. There's three from my group, two trainees, and three in the middle. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Sequoia Ploeg

Taiwan Taipei Mission