Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mission Letter 6/15/2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello! This week was good, but also really hard. Nothing seemed to work out this week. We had a few days of simply no appointments, leaving us with over four hours of just walking up and down streets trying to get people to talk to us. There was one day, where within three hours, we couldn't have a lesson with anyone. This isn't typical, especially in this area where I'm serving. It left us a little disappointed; this week felt a little slow. But we're still working hard, trying to overcome the harder times.

However, down in the Hualien/Taidong area, on the East Coast, where I used to serve in Yuli, exciting things are happening now! President Day went down there for some trainings, some firesides, some branch conferences, and then the best news of all: they are forming the Stake this coming weekend, which is truly so exciting! What we worked for so hard is paying off now. This mission will not have a single District within the boundaries, and it's just so amazing watching a Stake be established. So exciting.

We had a baptism in the District; the Yangmei elders had a baptism, which was so exciting! Especially since recently, their area has been a little slower. Also, one of the Elders that is there, Elder Taylor, a missionary in training, kinda had a bike accident and somewhat fractured his shoulder. So, despite the constant bed rest and not much else happening for them last week, it was so exciting for them to have their investigator, Sister Xu, be baptized. She is truly an awesome person, and will be an excellent member.

This month (and last month), President Day gave us an invite; last month, for each companionship have one baptism and this month two. Last month we focused on "the one," and this month's two, he calls the "one plus one." Personally, for our companionship's one plus one, we had a Brother Wang, a member referral, and a Brother Guo, also a member referral. But Brother Wang told us that he won't be able to meet until next month, which disqualified him to be one of our two for June. And in the past week, our golden investigator Brother Guo hasn't replied to our texts or phone calls, or talked to us but once; we asked him how he was over Facebook, and all we got back was "so bad." So, we're still trying to follow up with him and help him, but since he also did not come to church yesterday, he will not be able to make it this month. It's so sad! But we'll keep working with him. He had a big desire; it just seems that recently, he's probably facing some trials in his life. 

Yesterday was also a Sister Missionary in my District's birthday. She turned 20, and our Ward Mission Leader had us over at his house yesterday for lunch to celebrate. We all had the silly American party hat/cones, and little noisemakers. It was terribly fun. Our Ward Mission Leader spoils us too much. 

At District Meeting, we had a training by one of the Sisters in our District, and she taught us about teaching like Christ, particularly about the style of the questions He asked.

She told us that Preach My Gospel says, the questions Christ used in teaching, "prompted thought, soul searching, and commitment." She then invited us to pull out our new testaments and open to any random page within the Four Gospels, find a question that Christ asked, and see how it contained those elements. It was quite an amazing object lesson; and a cool opportunity for deeper analyzation of the things Christ taught.

Anyway, I hope your week goes just awesome! I know mine will! It's amazing serving here in Zhongli, and I love it so much.

Elder Sequoia Ploeg

Taiwan Taipei Mission