Sunday, November 8, 2015

Mission Letter 11/9/2015

Dear family and friends,

This past week has been pretty glorious! Compared to last week, it felt like we had way more time (simply because we had way fewer appointments), but it seems like our finding this week was really pretty poor. My companion and I have been trying to figure out, what's missing in the way we approach people? Or, how to help people have more of a desire to talk to us? We're trying to focus on getting some new investigators. But we do have some pretty good people right now; including the family which I talked about last week. They came to church yesterday! It was awesome! We had 5 investigators come to church yesterday. Hopefully we can keep them coming and help all of them prepare to be baptized.

On Friday night, as we were outside on the street contacting, we saw a white guy walk past us, and we were like, "Hello!" And he replied, "Hi, Elders." So we were like, he must be Mormon. Turns out, he was! Here in Taiwan for a business trip, he comes from a place just south of Provo. I forgot what it was called (geography is not my strong point). He had barely arrived in Taiwan that day, and he's only here for a couple days before flying off to another Asian country. I think that must be a pretty cool thing, wherever you go in the world, you can run into missionaries.

The really funny part is that we ran into him again the following night, at McDonald's (we were there for a lesson, he was there for dinner). So we chatted with him briefly before going home for the night, swapped phone numbers, and left him directions to get to the church and the time of the English services. It was pretty cool.

We literally had so many appointments cancel on us on Saturday. We were originally supposed to be very busy throughout the day. We had 6 appointments, and then lunch and dinner, taking most of our time up that day. But, about two hours before each appointment, without fail 5 of the 6 called to cancel. The one that we did meet with, we did not set up ourselves (our ward mission leader set it up for us and then told us to just attend and teach something). After they had all cancelled, we took a few minutes to call some people, and set one person up for thirty minutes later. When we got there, after 10 minutes, he still hadn't shown up. And he never did.

President asked me to set up the Missionary Christmas Choir. So, in all my spare time and mealtimes I've been writing musical arrangements of Christmas songs. We've been finding music, and my head has just been filled with notes flying here and there. Our first practice is today (in about 20 minutes) and we'll see how many people show up (and actually have musical ability). I can't wait to see if the music I wrote in my head actually sounds the same coming out of people's mouths.

Transfers were this week. My companion and I are still together, no changes there. Our zone shrunk a little bit as some areas were closed. Next transfer, though, tons of people are going home, so the mission is going to shrink some. If things are normal, I'll probably move, too, because I've now been here for 4 transfers. I've loved this area since I've been here, and the ward has been so awesome to us, too. I'll be sad to go. But that's something to think about 6 weeks from now.

Aside from lots of biking around, not a ton happened this week. And because I have choir practice in about 10 minutes, this email is just a tad shorter.

I hope you guys all have a wonderful week!

Elder Sequoia Ploeg

Taiwan Taipei Mission