Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mission Letter 12/28/2015 "Back into Taipei"

Dear family and friends,

This week has been pretty awesome! And so incredibly busy. And tiring. And I've been running around all over the place. But it's been extremely fun. Here's a blow-by-blow of the week:

Monday: It was a P-Day. But, just like the last 8 P-Days, we went to the Mission Office, and instead of choir, practiced another missionary's Nativity Play, which was to be presented the next day at the Mission Christmas Conference. Elder Anderton, a theatre enthusiast and perfectionist, mixed the stories of the Nativity and Elder Holland's narration of his first Christmas away from home (on a mission), and portrayed those in a play with musical background (including a piano, cello, guitar, and a violin, the music being arranged and directed by myself). So, that was all day.

Tuesday: Back into Taipei again to attend the Mission Christmas Conference at the American Center. It was also an all-day activity, and super fun. A few trainings, but mostly talent shows, musical performances, the Nativity Play, and a walk to the site where Taiwan was dedicated for missionary work. It was an awesome day, with super good food. A high class buffet lunch, and it was just amazing.

​CAPTION: The cast of the Nativity play, and the "orchestra" members.

Wednesday: Back into Taipei for a District Leader Training Meeting, now that I'm the District Leader in my new area. This isn't my first time being district leader, so it was basically "come hear what you've heard before," but regardless, it was pretty fun, I guess. At night, when we finally got back into our area, it was time for English Class, so no proselyting that day either.

Thursday: Weekly Planning Session takes up the majority of the afternoon. At night time though, it was: yep. Back into Taipei for a choir performance. We went to Banqiao, and the ward arranged for us to show up at the train station and stand outside and sing Christmas songs on the corner to people walking by. So, without piano or stuff (we brought one but there were no plugs for the keyboard), we sang our program a capella in the misty rain. It was kinda fun, got a little bit of a crowd. Mostly ward members. They also handed out tracts and fliers to people walking by.

Friday: It was a good day. In the evening, we went back into Taipei for a baptism in my old area. There was a family (three people) who we were working with who passed their interviews and were baptized on Christmas Day! The family comprised of a father, mother, and 11-year old daughter were super cool, and it was awesome to be able to return for the baptism. We also had one other investigator who we were working with get baptized on the same day, during the same service. Black, is his name, and I had the honor of baptizing him. So, an all around good day.

Saturday: Dare you guess? Back into Taipei for another choir performance at night. Our very last one! Choir has been super fun, but it's also been draining, and taking a lot of time out of missionary work in my own area. But it was great. Also got to Skype home! It was soo good to talk to my family. Really had a fun time chatting.

Sunday: The first day we didn't return to Taipei. But we were late to church, after a mad scramble which involved catching the wrong bus and then having to take a Taxi to make up for the wrong way we went. But it was fine.

Well, my time is about up. That's how this week went. This coming week should be even more fun, as we actually start working in our own area more. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Sequoia Ploeg

Taiwan Taipei Mission