Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mission Letter 12/7/2015

Dear family and friends,

Yet another week has come and gone, just like that. 

My companion and I had exchanges with another companionship in our zone this week.

This is Elder Bell, serving in Xizhi, the most rural part of our zone. Going there is always a treat because all the buildings are shorter, there are more mountains, less cars, more air, etc. Elder Bell is currently on his third transfer of his mission. Young guy, in terms of mission age. But he's super cool, and so is his current companion. Exchanges are always a fun opportunity to learn from the other companionship, and also to train and improve skills. 

Choir performances have started. In the past weekend, we had three performances (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights). The first time we ran the entire program without stopping... was at our first performance. And it somehow went surprisingly smoothly. Watching all the effort that was put into planning out and organizing the performance end so well is very satisfying. We pulled the entire program together in about 4.5 weeks (got the music, learned the songs, practiced the conducting and instrumentalists, soloists, narration, etc). We still have many performances in the coming three weeks around Taipei. Hopefully all the members will invite their friends and neighbors to the performances.

This coming Sunday, our Stake (the Central Taipei Stake) and the East Taipei Stake are holding a special combined Stake Conference.... to SPLIT THE STAKES! WOOT! The two stakes are going to combine and then split into three, the North, East, and Central Taipei Stakes (yes, the naming here is extremely creative). And the following week is transfers. If all goes according to the normal time schedule, I'm due to leave. But we don't know if President will leave me for an extra one because of the Christmas Choir (if I left and didn't participate anymore, the Christmas choir would end because I play half the songs). 

It rained this Sunday, so church attendance was smaller than usual. Significantly. Investigator attendance was even less. Whenever it rains here, all the people take shelter and don't go outside. But hopefully next week, the investigator family that we've been working with, will be able to come to church again. This past week we had the opportunity of actually going to their house to visit them (in Taiwan, it's very rare that we will ever visit anyone in their home, usually people will set up at the church or at something near their house like a McDonald's). We're encouraged to meet in people's houses, so as to have an opportunity to particularly bring the Spirit into their home. It was a great lesson. We're hoping to help them be baptized on Christmas. They're scared of it being a little fast, but they do feel like the church has made changes in their lives. The Mom has already read all the way through to Mosiah in like, a month. Super cool!

Not much more to report on this week. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Sequoia Ploeg

Taiwan Taipei Mission