Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mission Letter 3/21/2016

Dear family ad friends,

This past week has been simply awesome. My companion and I are just such goofballs together; I don't know, we met each other and something just clicked. But we are able to get so much work done, as we laugh and have the greatest time of our lives doing missionary work. 

​CAPTION: My companion, Elder Reintjes, and myself, exploring the river banks of our area during dinner time. We got a good scare from a wild dog and got a way just in time. Turns out, he wasn't interested in us at all. 

We have an English Class in Sanxia. It's only been open for six months. We teach it in a nearby Community Center/Library. We have about 25 students in total among the four classes. The only difficult thing is that it's the same students every week, and there's never really any new ones. It's just kinda stagnated. Which is good that we have solid English students, but the real point of English Class is to have new people who we can also ask if they're interested in the gospel, because that's the real reason we teach English Class. But we got some new tracts recently, so we're working on promoting our English Class again. 

In our ward here in Sanxia, there are literally zero young men. At least, not active. I think there might be one or two LA young men. But since there are none, the ward doesn't even have a Young Men's program or Presidency (for good reason, I guess) ButElder Reintjes and I have been trying to build up the Young Men's Quorums by finding 12 year old children. Well, not literally. But we did meet a super cool 12 year old guy who was willing to learn more about the gospel. He was surprisingly mature, and his Chinese was so advanced I couldn't always understand what he was saying. We currently have 2 investigators who are 12 years old, hopefully we can continue meeting with them. 

Met with our Bishop this past week. We had dinner over at his house. He has the cutest, smallest, most active 8 year old son I have ever seen. Our Bishop has served as Bishop for close to 10 years, a SUPER long time. He's super awesome though. He was Bishop over a certain ward, and then the ward split, and he continued serving as bishop of the new ward. In Taiwan, there tends to be a habit of serving as bishop for super long periods of time because the smaller size of the wards, the general lack of brethren to fill all the various callings, etc. In Taiwan, once a ward reaches about 150 people, the ward splits. Very different from America. America has to be like, double that. But it's cool. Our Bishop is awesome, and his family is super cool. He works super hard. 

And then I caught a flu which knocked me out for two days. But I'm better now. My companion took real good care of me, and as I slept, he got tons of extra language study time. The trick now is to make sure he doesn't get sick. Even though we lost a couple days of the week, we still got a lot of work done, and met with several of our progressing investigators. The work is going well, I love Sanxia and Taiwan and the mission and my companion. 

Life's good! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Sequoia Ploeg

Taiwan Taipei Mission