Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mission Letter 3/7/2016

Dear family and friends,

This week was Stake Conference. Which for us, meant an hour commute into Taipei to a chapel that isn't in our Stake. Actually, it is basically the Church Headquarters in Taiwan. Because all the chapels in Taipei aren't big enough to hold a Stake, we all travel to the Service Center (which is also a chapel) for Stake Conference. That means, throughout the year, there are 5 Stakes which hold their stake conference there. It's a giant building, but it's quite a distance from our area.

We have this investigator, a Brother Lin. He is super cool. He joined a different church 25 years ago, while he was doing his military service, but from then till now, he's never felt like he's "felt" any sort of communication from God. He really wants to know which religion is true, because there are so many, which confuses him. He tells us that Buddhism and Daoism definitely can't be true, because of the changes to its doctrine throughout history. He understands the story of Joseph Smith, and has tons and tons of questions that other ministers and pastors would not or could not answer for him, but are one by one being answered here. It's amazing. He has a wife and two children, too. We haven't met with them, but they did come to a ward activity (which we ourselves were unfortunately unable to attend). But it seems like the ward did a good job of taking care of them.

We met a kid this week who met missionaries when he was in Junior High School, and they gave him a Book of Mormon. Eventually he lost contact with them, and now he's 18 years old, and we tracted into him the other day. Somehow we found out that he'd gone to activities at our church before (in a different location) and his Book of Mormon is "exactly the same as yours!" In fact, he's read the entire thing before. He considers himself Christian; he doesn't attend church, he's not baptized, and his father dislikes it all, but he himself believes and is willing to meet with us some more. So awesome! The father we can work on more later. 

Other than that, it's transfers this week. This Thursday one of us will leave the area (or both, maybe). Elder Falck asked President if he could stay in the area, and got the respones, "I can't let you and Elder Ploeg go eternal (go 3 transfers instead of 2), I want you to support whatever happens, but buckle up." Which put Elder Falck into a mind torment trying to figure out what that actually meant. 

The miracles keep coming. Sorry the letter isn't too long today. I hope all is well at home! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Sequoia Ploeg

Taiwan Taipei Mission