Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mission Letter 5/30/2016 The Final Countdown

Dear family and friends, 

It's the final countdown! This week I passed my 50 Day mark (as my sister so kindly reminded me in emails today). But this week was awesome. 

First off, I started the week eating a meal with my Aunt. That was a ton of fun; my cousin came, as well as my uncle. We went to a super good buffet, and this was the first time I really had a chance to have a sit down conversation with my Taiwanese side of the family. It was super cool! Now that I can speak to them and have a normal conversation about normal topics. It's a cool feeling. In addition to the Taiwanese just being super hospitable to people in general, there's a special connection to them, simply from just being family. 

We got to participate this past weekend in Taiwan's "Missionary Work in Taiwan 60 Year Anniversary Devotional." That was a super cool experience. Because we were in the choir (you may remember we participated in one event last week, this week we had another two performances and two devotional meetings), we got to listen to various stories, talks, and songs. It was an awesome meeting, with the first missionary to come to Taiwan in attendance, a member from the Asia Area Presidency, etc. Above is a picture of all those who were involved (including the missionaries who sang in the choir). 

This meeting was not only for members who lived in the Taipei area, but was broadcast to all the Stake Centers in Taiwan and could be watched online. One of the members, while she was watching, recognized some of us on the screen of her cell phone and quickly took a snapshot to show us (above). So that was cool. All of us got broadcast all over Taiwan. 

The other Elders who are in this ward with us had another baptism this week! The ward is pumped. They're getting so good at being open and friendly, etc. They've now had three baptisms in two months or so, and another two or so that are pretty solid coming up. The members here are awesome, and such good friends with each other and the missionaries now. I really do love this ward. And I've been here for so long. They all want me to "die" here (dying for missionaries means ending their missions in a certain place), because they know I only have one transfer left. Transfers are this Thursday; we shall see what happens to me.

I was reading the scriptures today, and I was really impressed with the Lord's example of prayer. In Matthew 14, it reads:

 23 And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone.

He took the time to have some privacy. He went up into a holy place. And he took his time in prayer. We all ought to find time to do that; to not make prayer a hurried thing, to take some time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of the world and family and take some time for quiet contemplation. It is the best way to receive inspiration. 

The mission is going well. The miracles keep coming. The Sanxia area is booming. The Lord is pouring blessings out all over this place. The weather is getting hot. And life is good.

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Sequoia Ploeg

Taiwan Taipei Mission