Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mission Letter 6/20/216

Dear family and friends,

This week was super awesome! Super fun. It started with an exchange to Miaoli. It's just to the south of my area, and it's the area of our mission right next to the Taizhong Mission Boundaries. I went and spent the day with Elder Nielson, who was in my generation (meaning we came on island at the same time. That also means we both go home together). It was a fun day. It's always relaxing being in someone else's area; you get to follow them around and just teach people without worrying about anything else. 

During the exchange, we had a lesson with one of their investigators; a musician studying music in the US. She's back in Taiwan for summer vacation. Since we were at the church, we exchanged small performances on the piano, and it was super fun. There's to "you never know when your talents will help you do missionary work." Following, we had a lesson about the Plan of Salvation, focusing on the fact that God is our Father, and wants to help us. 

It's one of my favorite analogies to use. Because God is our Father, he wants us to be happy, and to be like he is. After all, is that not any parents hopes for their children? But, parents cannot do everything for their kids, otherwise they'll never learn. Like learning to ride a bike. Parents won't do it for us; but they'll teach us how, and when we fall (not if we fall, when we fall, because challenges will definitely come), they help us back up and keep going. God is the same way; he'll give us advice and help us, comfort us, but he cannot do things for us. So we just have to learn to do things His way, and everything will work out. 

We also had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. During the exchange, we had to go up to Zhubei for a Zone Conference. President and the office elders all came down for a full day of trainings. There were four topics that got hit on: eliminating pride, eliminating negative thinking, diversifying teaching methods, and reaching the key indicators (which are the mission's goals for performance; goals on how many lessons to teach, etc.). It was a super good, well thought out training. And there were three zones in attendance, so a pretty big crowd. Here's a selfie I snapped during a roleplay:

So, all is going well here on this tiny, but super hot and very populated ocean island! It's almost scary how small Taiwan is. But I love this place. 

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Sequoia Ploeg

Taiwan Taipei Mission